Determination of the Depositional Environment of Outcrop Section at Odoro Ikpe South Eastern Nigeria Using Pebble Morphometry

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C. O. Onwuegbuchulam
V. N. Nwugha
D. O. Ikoro
A. C. Ezebunanwa
K. O. Osibe


The depositional Environment of Odoro -Ikpe, South East Nigeria was interpreted using pebble morphometry and sieve analysis. A field observation, sieve analysis and pebble morphometric analysis was carried out on the area which comprises of conglomerate, pebbles, sand stone and intercalation of shale's and clay. The lithofacies observed are lateralitic layer, pebbly sand, alternating layers of sand and conglomerates and layers of massive sand stone. The graphic mean and skewness of the grain size analysis shows that the sediments are very coarse which indicates a high energy environment. Graphic standard deviation gives a clue that the sediment were very poorly sorted, which is indicative of a fluvial deposit with high energy , while kurtosis result revealed very coarse sediment deposits. This implies that the particles were not transported very far. Pebble analysis shows the geometric forms and this was deduced from the plot on shape measurement triangle. The shape is compact bladed which is common with river deposits. The bivarate plot of mean diameter against standard deviation also indicated a fluvial environment as well as bivarate plots of co-efficient of flatness against sphericity and maximum projection sphericity against oblate, prolate index which comprises of river and beach environment.  All results showed or indicated that the environment of deposition was of river.

Depositional environment, outcrop section, pebble morphometry

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Onwuegbuchulam, C. O., Nwugha, V. N., Ikoro, D. O., Ezebunanwa, A. C., & Osibe, K. O. (2019). Determination of the Depositional Environment of Outcrop Section at Odoro Ikpe South Eastern Nigeria Using Pebble Morphometry. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 21(1), 1-12.
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