Details Geological Mapping and Petrological Characteristics of EL Shereik Study Area, River Nile State, North Sudan

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Mahmoud Hussein Hassan
Mohamed Amlas
Al Zein A. Al Zein
Han Run Sheng


The present study focused on details geology of the lithostratigraphy, phenomena and petrogenesis, with full classification of rock units and correlate by the regional geology in the study area. The previous studies, focused on regional geology, which can be divided in Bayuda Terrane, represented by Dem El Tor Shear Zone (DTSZ), its Precambrian to Tertiary ages (isotopic signatures of later cooling 590 to 550 Ma), with dominated by metamorphic and intrusive rocks belonging to the Pre-Nubian basement complex. The study area lies at El Shereik, River Nile State, Sudan. It is characterized by low-lying bed plains, covered with superficial deposits, with an arid climate. The techniques of this work, represented in an official, field works and laboratory test, with used Land Sat Images ETM. And Nubian Arabian Shield, represented by the Keraf Shear Zone (KSZ), its Precambrian to Phanerozoic ages (Neoproterozoic, Pb isotope ages dating, of forms is -730 -710Ma and ended in -565Ma), with dominated by metamorphic, ophiolitic mélange, volcano-sedimentary sequences, and Phanerozoic sediments. But through this detailed surveyed, we discovered different types of rock units; they were found as accumulated and highly deformed, affected by various thrusting faults. collected more than 40 samples, through six traverses, for classification and petrographic studies and classified more than 9 types of rooks units didn’t mentioned before in previous study, all of them well exposed as following: metamorphic rocks, included, migmatites, calc-silicates, wollastonite, talc-schist, carbonaceous (dolomitic marble), amphibolites, graphitic schist, mica schist, quartzo-feldspathic schist, and grey gneiss, While the Igneous rocks, consisted of dykes, as dolerite,  trachy-basaltic, Rhyolite porphyry, pegmatites, diorite, and quartz veins, whereas the superficial deposits, included, of aeolian, fluvial, and collovial. These rocks extend and spread to the outside of the limits of the study area and most of them oriented parallel with KSZ SE - NW region and a few of them are oriented E-W, This is maybe due to the collusion of the contact boundary between KSZ and DTSZ Bayuda Tehran. Talc-schist, Wollastonite and graphitic schist, represent a strategic stockpile besides gold mining. Studies conducted with DTSZ, its old age, occurred before Neoproterozoic compared to KSZ. Because it has the first deformation of the folding of pre- KSZ proportion to the presence of folding in the west and east of the Nile zone, according to the border between Bayuda Terrane and Nubian Arabian Shield, as the suggest result. And the previous studies of the ages dating confirm it.

Details mapping, petrographic study, Keraf Sheer Zone, litho-stratigraphy, Al Shereik area

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Hassan, M., Amlas, M., Al Zein, A. Z., & Sheng, H. (2019). Details Geological Mapping and Petrological Characteristics of EL Shereik Study Area, River Nile State, North Sudan. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 21(1), 1-23.
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