Algorithmic Meta-analysis of the Effects of Social Services on the Vulnerable Population

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J. Carreón-Guillén
C. Y. Quiroz-Campas
E. Bolivar-Mojica
O. Coronado-Rincón
J. Hernández-Valdés
N. A. Morales-Ortega
C. García-Lirios


Meta-analytic studies are distinguished by comparing literature that reports positive effects with respect to literature that warns of spurious or negative effects. The aim of the present work was to establish the proportion of probabilities between categories and subcategories extracted from the consulted, updated and specialized literature. A documentary study was carried out with a selection of sources indexed to international repositories such as Copernicus, Dialnet, Ebsco, Latindex, Redalyc, Scielo. An indistinct scenario was found, even though the literature that reports positive effects on the quality of life and the subjective well-being of public health services prevails; suggesting the extension of the work to repositories like WoS and Scopus.

Device, positivity, biopolitics, intervention, social work

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Carreón-Guillén, J., Quiroz-Campas, C. Y., Bolivar-Mojica, E., Coronado-Rincón, O., Hernández-Valdés, J., Morales-Ortega, N. A., & García-Lirios, C. (2019). Algorithmic Meta-analysis of the Effects of Social Services on the Vulnerable Population. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 22(2), 1-9.
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