Bathymetric Survey and Topography Changes Investigation of Part of Badagry Creek and Yewa River, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria

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Badejo, Olusegun Temitope
Adewuyi, Gbola Kehinde


Bathymetry survey of Part of Badagry Creek and Yewa River was conducted with the aim of investigating the topography changes in depth between two epoch dataset by calculating the volume of sediment and dredged material between the two periods. Depth sounding at 100m interval, data grid of 100 m interval, constant vessel speed of 2.2 m/secs (8Km/hr) for data capture, data storage at interval of 30 Secs was ensured at both the creek and the river. Seabed topography changes of Part of Badagry Creek and Yewa River was investigated. The two dataset investigated was the data acquired in September 2008 and November 2015. Data acquisition was done using digital echo sounder SDE28, Handheld Real time Kinematic (RTK) Global Positioning System (GPS) in acquiring the spatial coordinates (x, y) and water depth (z). Six (6) wrecks (Shipping Boat) were determined along both the creek and the river. The initial processing was carried out with the use of HYPACK 2008 software for data sorting. ArcGIS 10.2.1 was used for data analysis as well as graphics design. The processed depths were presented in form of tables, map/plan and charts. The result showed that In 2008, the depth observed ranges from (-0.5 to 10.4) m while in 2015, the depth observed ranges from (-0.32 to 10.85) m which implies that some area have been cut.  Also, the results of the volume of deposited sediments and dredged material are computed as 10.55 x 106 m3 and 7.24 x 106 m3. It showed from the result that volume of accreted sediment is greater than volume of the material dredged. Increase in volume of sediment deposited could be as a result of the adjoining river Yewa flowing into the larger river (tributaries) of the Badagry Creek. Therefore, further studies need to carry out in order to know the source of accreted mass through integrated coastal management plan.

Bathymetric survey, topographic changes, depth sounding, wreck determination, volume determinations.

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Temitope, B. O., & Kehinde, A. G. (2019). Bathymetric Survey and Topography Changes Investigation of Part of Badagry Creek and Yewa River, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 22(4), 1-16.
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