Structural Control of the São Francisco River Delta from the Aeromagnetic Data, Brazil

Alana Aderne dos Santos, Alanna Costa Dutra, José M. Landim Dominguez

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Landslide Susceptibility Analysis Using Frequency Ratio Model in a Tropical Region, South East Asia

P. Vineetha, S. Sarun, A. M. Sheela

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Algorithmic Meta-analysis of the Effects of Social Services on the Vulnerable Population

J. Carreón-Guillén, C. Y. Quiroz-Campas, E. Bolivar-Mojica, O. Coronado-Rincón, J. Hernández-Valdés, N. A. Morales-Ortega, C. García-Lirios

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Magnetic Susceptibility Mapping of Rocks and Depth Estimation of Anomalies: A Case Study of Igarra and Its Environs

V. N. Nwugha, D. O. Ikoro, C. N. Okeke-Oguegbe, A. C. Ezebunanwa

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An Analysis of Human Survival Strategies in Difficult Environments: A Case Study of the Kom Highlands in Cameroon

Solange Akhere Gwan, Victor Konfor Ntoban, Jude N. Kimengsi

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