Dr. Masum A Patwary

Masum A. Patwary is an environmental researcher who completed his PhD in Environmental Health and Pollution Science at the Teesside University in the United Kingdom. His PhD research was focused on the impact of medical waste on human health by using a combination of clinical examination (including serology and lung function tests) and intensive field-based environmental sample analysis techniques. He has enjoyed a successful publishing career with several articles having been accepted for eminent journals in the field of socio-environment. According to Professor Peter J Atkins (MA, PhD, Cantab) Professor in the Department of Geography, Durham University, United Kingdom, “Dr Masum Patwary’s research is intriguing. He is a rare example of a scholar who is able to bridge the worlds of science and social science.” Currently he has been developing Environmental cognitive neuroscience (implications for the neurobiology, social, cultural and environmental context). This novel area is being developed along with Dr Lucina Q. Uddin (Neuroscience) Stanford University School of Medicine, USA; Dr M Sarker and Dr Liam O’Hare Teesside University UK, Prof. Dr K Maudood Elahi (Medical Geographer) Stamford University Bangladesh. His areas of expertise are Waste Management (Hazardous Waste, medical waste, industrial waste, municipal waste, construction waste, petroleum waste, E-waste), Environmental Management (Pollution, Occupational health and safety), Environmental Health (Pollution, Disease transfer mechanism), Environmental Contamination (Air, water, soil and crop contamination analysis), Environmental Investigation & Risk Assessment, Pollution Science, Research Methods, and Personal Skill Development. Masum involved in teaching as a teaching assistant with his supervisor Dr Liam O’Hare in BlackBoard Induction (Virtual Learning) at Teesside University in 2008. Then he started as a Special Lecturer at School of Science and Engineering, Teesside in Drilling Waste Management in Petroleum Engineering and Environmental Management in 2010. He was Module Leader of Research methodology in School of Science and Engineering at Teesside. Masum took his teaching as an Assistant Professor and Departmental Head in Geography and Environmental Science, and Disaster Management at Begum Rokeya University Rangpur Bangladesh in 2012. At present he acts as a Dean, Faculty of Life and Earth Science at same University in Bangladesh.